How the labiaplasty can improve a woman’s self-confidence in the bedroom

Do you find yourself uncomfortable during sexual relations with your partner due to large or misshapen vaginal lips? Are you experiencing chronic yeast infections or urinary tract infections that may be caused by the extra labial skin? If this sounds like you and you live in the area of Littleton, Colorado, you may want to consider the benefits of certain procedures such as the labiaplasty, or “labial rejuvenation.” 

What is the labiaplasty procedure? 

The labiaplasty procedure is a surgical operation provided by Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. It is performed to reduce excess labial skin of the vagina. By removing extraneous tissue from this area, the vaginal lips will not only have an improved appearance, but will not interfere with activities and can reduce the risk of certain medical conditions. It is typically seen as a cosmetic procedure, but it can help women with chronic concerns such as UTIs and yeast infections that may be occurring from the excess skin in the area. 

What is the process required for the labiaplasty surgery? 

The surgery itself, when performed by an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Lisa Hunsicker, is relatively simple. Patients are properly sedated and anesthetized as our skilled surgeon at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics removes excess skin. Skin deformities and reshaping is also done. The doctor’s goal is not only to reduce the size of the labial tissue, but do so in a way that protects the nerves in the skin to avoid compromising sexual satisfaction. This is important for many women who want to return to sexual relationships and intimacy with their partners after the procedure while still enjoying the same sensations and satisfaction. 

Discuss your needs with the team at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics 

Patients located in the area of Littleton, Colorado who are dealing with problems that are impacting their sexual relationships or causing them vaginal problems, it may be time to speak to a provider at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics to determine if the labiaplasty procedure is right for you. With our dedicated team, we can help you feel more confident in your sexual intimacy with your partner.

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