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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Sagging skin and loose tissue are common, unfortunate side effects of dramatic weight loss. Body contouring surgery is one way to address these problems. Dr. Hunsicker’s long-term focus on body contouring will help guide you through the final stages of your weight loss transformation. Skin that has been stretched with weight gain often loses its elasticity. Once the weight is lost, the skin often cannot shrink to fit. The supportive tissue underneath may not be able to provide adequate support, causing looseness of the skin. Body contouring procedures smooth out the body’s surface to give a better overall appearance. Each body requires a slightly different type of contouring plan. Different types of personal weight loss mean that each body needs individual attention. Dr. Hunsicker works with each patient to formulate the best outcome.

Candidates for Body Contouring

Candidates for body contouring in Denver should have a stabilized weight. Commitment to a fitness plan and good nutritional habits will help shape the long-term effectiveness of the procedure. Maintaining a healthy attitude and focus during your preparation and recovery periods can dramatically improve your overall results.

Creating Your Body Contouring Plan

Dr. Hunsicker will work with you to create a body contouring plan that will address your areas of concern.

The Body Contouring Procedure

Following anesthesia, surgical incisions are made, which strategically hide scars when possible. Excess skin, tissue, and fat are removed and the incisions closed. A smoother overall appearance is achieved. Incisions on various areas of the body may be combined into one surgery or spread out over time depending on the situation. Dr. Hunsicker performs tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift, arm lift and neck contouring.

Recovery from Body Contouring

The recovery period varies depending on the types of procedures performed. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Hunsicker will work with you to answer your questions and inform you about the risks involved.

Body Contouring FAQ

Body contouring improves a person’s body shape after dramatic weight loss. With a few different procedures, Dr. Hunsicker tones underlying tissue that supports fat and skin and removes loose, sagging fat and skin.
Good candidates are adults who are: 1) at a stable body weight, 2) healthy, with no medical condition that impairs healing or increases surgery risk, 3) non-smokers, 4) motivated and realistic about the outcome, and 5) dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.
Body contouring results are visible almost immediately. However, it may take a year or two before you can appreciate the final outcome. Surgical scars will remain, but results are long-lasting if you maintain a stable body weight and healthy lifestyle.
Ideally, body contouring should be done after your body has reached a stable weight. Additional weight loss following contouring surgery can cause the reappearance of sagging. Should this occur, follow-up consultation is advisable for proper maintenance of the affected areas. In the situation of weight regain following contouring, skin may not be able to adjust. This stresses the already inelastic skin, causing stretch marks and scarring. Maintaining a constant weight is critical to ensure an attractive long-term appearance. Work with Dr. Hunsicker to create a weight management plan prior to and following your body contouring surgery. Sticking to your personal plan will help make sure your high-risk areas are managed.

Learn More About Body Contouring in South Denver

Body contouring procedures have been a focus at Revalla Plastic Surgery in the Denver area since its founding in 2001. Throughout your weight loss transformation, Dr. Hunsicker and our supportive staff can give you a comfortable and informed experience. Consultations with Dr. Hunsicker can be arranged by calling 720-283-2500.

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