Dr. Lisa Hunsicker

Denver Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Our Philosophy: “I believe the practice of medicine is a partnership between the doctor and patient—a blending of perspectives that moves us toward the ultimate goals of healing and well-being. I am dedicated to making patients feel informed and comfortable about their health options and issues. My patients always come first, and being available to them is a top priority. These principles, along with an assurance of compassion, patience, and the promise to really listen to the patient, are the cornerstones of Revalla Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Lisa Hunsicker

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon In Denver

Dr. Lisa Hunsicker is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing her "art" since 1995. Dr. Hunsicker decided to pursue the specialty of plastic surgery in Denver specifically because she is committed to helping those in her care be their most confident and positive selves.

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She articulates Revalla's mission by saying, "I'm dedicated to providing a personalized and caring approach, so that I can deliver exceptional results, tailored to meet each patient's individual needs."

From the time she was an undergrad, she has always been interested in opening her own practice where she could create an intimate and caring environment to cater to each individual's personal needs and goals. Dr. Hunsicker has built Revalla to offer this compassionate environment, where patients can feel comfortable and get the results they are looking for.

Dr. Hunsicker has been practicing medicine since 1995, and she opened Revalla as her solo practice in Littleton Colorado in 2001. She earned her medical degree from the University of Texas at Houston before moving on to her General Surgery training at the University of Colorado/Denver.

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Denver's Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

She also is one of an elite few surgeons in the country to perform the direct-to-implant breast reconstruction technique, which offers women the opportunity to have their reconstruction performed at the time of mastectomy. This procedure reduces the number of surgeries necessary for full reconstruction after mastectomy surgery.

Dr. Hunsicker believes a team approach to cancer care, with clear communication and collaboration, is the key to more surgeons offering this innovative single-stage reconstruction technique. The video below highlights the strong rapport between members of the Littleton Adventist Hospital Breast Cancer Care team, and how this trust in each other helps their patients thrive.

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Women's Health Advocate

Dr. Lisa Hunsicker is a strong advocate for women's health issues and enjoys giving back to underserved communities. In addition to volunteering at health fairs, such as Tri for the Cure and at other local events, she has traveled many times to countries like El Salvador and Peru to perform reconstructive surgery on children and adults.

Q&A With Dr. Hunsicker

I was studying pre-med and working at a hospital in the ER. At 6:30 one morning, a woman was brought in after a horrific accident with substantial damage to her face. She was crying and asking for help in Spanish, so, being bilingual, I acted as a translator, helping the plastic surgeon get his questions answered.

The woman emerged from the operating room hours later, with very little sign that she had been through this terrible accident. She just looked like she had a line drawn on her face with a fine-tipped marker. That was the moment I chose plastic surgery and reconstruction--I wanted to be able to help people in a restorative manner.

I would say that my "specialty" is creating customized, understated outcomes. I use a very tailored, personalized approach in every procedure because no two patients require exactly the same solution.

My surgical "specialty," however, is as a breast and body contouring expert with an eye for natural results--never artificial ones. I also do eyelid lift surgeries, as well as a lot of minimally invasive facial procedures like Botox, Juvederm, etc. A primary area of my practice is reconstructive surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis. My focus is on maintaining patient safety, being on their team for overall cancer treatment and then creating a beautiful cosmetic outcome. It is a responsibility I take very seriously.

Women come to a plastic surgeon because there is something about their face or body that they are uncomfortable with. They tell me they are so comfortable talking with me because, as a woman, I can understand what they're feeling and how their self-confidence has been impacted. They don't feel awkward; in fact, they tell me it's like talking to a girlfriend. It only makes sense that I can best help patients who are most open.

The direct-to-implant procedure that I developed nearly a decade ago allows a woman to emerge from mastectomy surgery fully reconstructed, rather than doing the reconstruction in a second operation months later. It's easier for the patient to have fewer surgeries and fewer office visits, plus the emotional component of this disease cannot be underestimated. I believe that immediate reconstruction allows women to focus their energies on the rest of their cancer treatment, and really on the rest of their lives.

(Laughing.) I usually have a relaxed, casual demeanor; but on the flip side, when it comes to my work, I'm totally detail-oriented. I work hard to develop new procedures, am always looking for better ways of doing everything, making outcomes as perfect as I can. It's a balance I strive to keep in my life. But let me say that all the detail-orientation in the world is not enough. A plastic surgeon must be an artist, seeing the face and body as a sculptor.

My consults usually last an hour. I want to get to know patients, take their medical history, do a physical exam, and find out what the patient's issues and motivations are. I watch body language, the look in their eyes, and ask questions they may not have anticipated.

Importantly, this is a time to help educate patients about the benefits and risks associated with the procedure they want. I realize that patients often visit with more than one plastic surgeon before they choose a physician, and I want to be sure they are genuinely comfortable with me. This is an intimate relationship and it has to be right for them.

Yes, for sure. They are much more savvy because they have access to so much more information on the Internet, in women's magazines, etc. They are "self-advocates," have made calls, talked to friends. Plastic surgery is out in the open – it's no longer a secret. And what a good thing that is.

We run a very friendly, casual office. What I do is very serious, but I prefer a relaxed atmosphere that helps patients feel comfortable and more at ease. We enjoy our team and our patients, and we have a good time together.

A majority of my patients come from referrals. When you treat patients right – with respect, truth and excellent care – they tell their friends. It is said that happy patients tell their friends, while unhappy patients tell everyone.

I must say, however, that I do not accept all patients who come to me. Surgery or even injectables are not right for everyone. I have to decide if a patient's health, anatomy or even mindset is appropriate to take the next step.

Yes, I care about my patients in all aspects of their life and health. For reconstruction patients, I consider it my obligation to talk about prevention and treatment as well. Are they getting exercise, eating right, keeping their weight in check.

If not, I refer them to physical therapists, organic chefs, fitness experts, acupuncturists, or whatever expertise they need to maintain great health. Am I blunt sometimes? Yes. We are dealing with real life issues here, not just surgical procedures. I tell them, "I am not your parent, but I am your advocate; I can give you the tools to save your life."

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“My Experience has been amazing. Dr. Hunsicker is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I had an abdominoplasty and am thrilled with the results. The post-op care was phenomenal as well. Enjoyable experience.”


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