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It is not uncommon for women to experience inverted nipples. Though this happens to a lot of women, many avoid talking about it because it can be uncomfortable or embarrassing to discuss with a professional. Dr. Lisa Hunsicker of Littleton, Colorado can help these women feel more at ease with how they look by providing inverted nipple correction surgery. 

What is inverted nipple correction surgery? 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon describes inverted nipple correction surgery as a cosmetic procedure that is used to bring the nipple back to its natural, “alert” appearance. This is done with a specialized technique performed as a simple in-office procedure with local anesthetics only. In less than an hour, Dr. Lisa Hunsicker can address the problem with a simple surgery. During the treatment, the plastic surgeon uses Galashape mesh that helps in keeping the nipple outward. It is a small, cone-shaped mesh that is incorporated into the nipple to allow the nipple to keep a new memory of its position. The Galashape mesh will dissolve over the course of about two years, and it will leave the new nipple structure as a permanent position. 

What should I know about inverted nipple correction surgery? 

When done correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon, the procedure will provide permanent results. However, women should be aware that this procedure can keep them from breastfeeding in the future. This is often noted during a woman’s consultation appointment at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. Patients who are undergoing this procedure can ask questions about the healing and recovery process to help them better understand how to prepare for surgery before and after. Women who have this procedure done are often extremely satisfied with the results, especially when they see before and after photos of our previous patients who have undergone this treatment for inverted nipples. 

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Connect with Dr. Lisa Hunsicker, our board-certified plastic surgeon in the Littleton, Colorado area by calling (720) 283-2500. Her office, located at 7750 S. Broadway, Suite #220, accepts new and existing patients in the community interested in cosmetic and medical plastic surgery solutions for the face and body.   

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