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“My experience with Dr. Hunsicker and her staff at Revalla Plastic Surgery has changed my life, and I mean that with every fiber of my being. Last year I was 43, a married mother of 2 small children delivered via C-Sections, and I was hopeless about my body. Thanks to 2 large babies and the C-Sections, my abdomen had been barrel shaped with a hanging flap of skin for 9 years, and no matter how much weight I gained, or lost, nothing would change the shape or look of my abdomen. I had been told by friends and family members that I just needed to do more crunches, or do this diet, or that diet, or exercise more, or maybe If I lost a little more weight than I would get that flat tummy I longed for. I hired trainers, I dieted, I did endless crunches, but nothing worked so I just kind of gave up. I thought, “I am healthy otherwise, I have a beautiful family, I need to stop focusing on one negative body part so much. I need to be positive!” I would tell myself that I couldn’t justify paying for a cosmetic procedure when I had children and a family that could use that money in different ways. I told myself I needed to focus on my family. So I would put on my Spanx tank tops under everything I wore, I put on my tummy control pants, I dressed in layers, I endured my lower back pain, I hated any picture taken of me, I dreaded putting on a swim suit, I remained depressed about my body and insecure. But I couldn’t stop thinking, “But what if I did have the surgery??”

One morning I decided I would just talk to Dr Hunsicker, recommended to me by my dermatologist, to see if there was anything I could do on my own to get my pre-pregnancy tummy back. I expected her to tell me I needed more core exercises and a diet. Instead, after chatting with her and a brief examination, she discovered I had a small umbilical hernia, and she believed that I would never be able to have a flat abdomen without surgery. It turns out I had a 7cm diastasis recti, so my abdominal muscles weren’t connected anymore, and would never come back together without surgical intervention. Dr. Hunsicker was so kind and patient with me and she felt more like a friend than a surgeon. She explained everything in detail with me about my situation, and how she could help me. And in May 2018 I had an abdominoplasty.

I am now 11 months post-op, and I have an abdomen that is far better than what I ever had pre-pregnancy, one that I thought was elusive for me. I actually have a 6-pack! After the surgery I cried tears of joy seeing my flat abdomen. When I exercised I was able to actually feel my abdominal muscles contracting! My back pain has completely disappeared, and I now WANT to exercise because I actually CAN now that I have a core again. All of my clothes fit the way they should, I can wear jeans again without having a pooch, and the best part? I threw away all of my Spanx tank tops and tummy control clothing. Spending the money on this procedure was the best thing I have ever done for myself AND for my family. I am more secure in who I am around my children, and now physical fitness is a major part of our lives. I am a happier wife as I feel better about myself, and I now have the motivation to continue to better my self for my family and my own future.

Dr. Hunsicker and her staff are so comforting, welcoming, funny, and they made me feel so very special and well taken care of.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and best wishes to all of you.

-a delighted patient “

“I love it! (or should I say “them”?)”

“Wonderful results, very happy!”

“The staff at Revalla is outstanding! Knowledgeable and professional, without being stuffy. Very warm, caring and compassionate. Dr. Hunsicker is truly an artist!”

“Dr. Hunsicker and her staff are very professional and thorough.”

“My confidence level has greatly increased and I should have done this sooner!”

“I am so happy with the results of my surgery–it’s even better than I expected! Thank you so much. I will recommend Dr. H and Revalla to anyone who is looking into plastic surgery.”

“I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. Thank you!”

“No one knows I had surgery! Fabulous!”

“The best part of my experience was seeing the great results after each procedure. I also really appreciated the care and concern I received from Dr. H and her staff before and after my procedure.”

“I am very pleased! One of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“I am delighted with my results and my only regret is not having done the procedure sooner. My self-confidence has sky-rocketed!”

“My new breasts are beautiful, and nobody knows that they aren’t ‘real’! I now have the breasts I have always wished for! Thank you so much!”

“Having had the direct-to-implant reconstruction I feel so confident that I did the right thing. The experience of dealing with breast cancer definitely changes your life. The anxiety and fear, for me and my family, was indescribable. Reconstruction definitely made the journey easier. Just knowing that I only had to go through one surgery instead of two, was a huge factor.”

“The symmetry, size and shape are beautiful!”

“I could not be happier with the results of my surgery and the care and comfort Dr. Hunsicker provided surpassed my expectations. I have referred several friends already and am a walking advertisement for the care and results that she delivered.”

“Dr. Hunsicker has ‘magical fingers.’ She is a true artist. I am extremely happy with my outcome and I would highly recommend her. She is BRILLIANT!”

“Very pleased”

“I’m thrilled with Dr. Hunsicker’s work–she gave me a result I truly believe I could not have achieved with any other surgeon. I stand behind her work 100 percent.”

“I have been so grateful for Dr. Hunsicker’s work and willingness to think creatively on my behalf.”

“Thank you Dr. Hunsicker! I am VERY happy with the results of my breast implants. You listened to my wishes and guided me towards the right “fit” for me. I especially appreciate your careful consideration to detail, especially in pre-op and post-op.”

“I feel great, I look good – Lisa did a fantastic job!”

“Dr. Hunsicker knew exactly what I was wanting to accomplish. Thank you, Dr. Hunsicker!”

“Thank you for all of the help. I am very relieved I chose Dr. Hunsicker for my surgery. I’m very happy with the surgical result.”

“Everyone at Revalla was amazing! Dr. Hunsicker and her staff were very caring, understanding and professional. My results are amazing and I am so pleased with my experience. Thanks so much!”

“I was very impressed with how available Dr. H was when I was recovering and had questions/concerns. It made me feel secure with my choice of surgeon.”

“Very pleased!”

“Could not be happier”

“Extremely satisfied”

“Love the results”

“I am very happy!!”

“Your office staff and you are very professional and friendly. You have a top-notch practice and I felt like I was in very good hands.”

“Great Wonderful Fantastic”

“I love my breast reduction!”

“I feel very good about the outcome and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. I feel younger!”

“I love my boobs!”

“I appreciate the fact that you are so approachable and easy to talk to. Your office is friendly and welcoming. You guys are all fantastic!”

“Dr. Hunsicker was extraordinary and has a great sense of humor to boot! Everyone in the office was wonderful. It is so unusual to have this kind of experience now-a-days, where every one of my needs were met: the Revalla staff was considerate, caring, friendly and engaging. I’m a fan!”

“I chose Dr. Hunsicker because I am a very smart woman. She is everything I think a plastic surgeon should be. She’s unbelievably knowledgeable, talented, modern and takes a very proactive approach.”

“Dr. Hunsicker made the difference–I wanted a female doctor who was approachable and easy to talk to about my concerns.” SM

“I chose your office because you were great on both fronts–your prices were reasonable yet you took a lot of time and were genuinely caring towards your patients. EVERY person working in your office was friendly and caring and very helpful. I would definitely recommend your office to others.”

“I chose Dr. Hunsicker as my reconstructive surgeon because she was so straightforward, professional but sensitive to what I was going through–AND she was the only one who offered the reconstruction during the same surgery as the mastectomy. I immediately felt comfortable and confident in her abilities. She is athletic and understood me wanting to stay active and feeling strong throughout the journey. She and her staff were always so welcoming–when we called or visited–answering a multitude of questions very patiently. I also loved the fact that she wasn’t just concerned with “making me pretty”–which I kind of expected from a plastic surgeon. She was all about ensuring I was healthy–inside and out!”

“Obviously the doctor’s appeal to me, and the way her staff felt about her was very telling.”

“You were much more thorough and provided a much higher level of confidence.”

“I spoke with many surgeons before making a decision to go ahead with surgery. I am very confident that I chose the best surgeon. I don’t believe surgery is just about science and training. The ideas, ethics, considerations, and opinions of the surgeon are also so very important. Every conversation helped to put my fears to rest. I found Dr. Hunsickers’ confidence to be a sincere strength. I knew I was in good hands.”

“The office was friendly and the staff very helpful”

“I could tell right away from every interaction with everyone in the office that I had found the right place.”

“I liked & respected Dr. Hunsicker & her staff, my husband and I felt and still feel confident and secure with her.”

“The personal attention I received, personalities, professionalism of Dr. Hunsicker, staff and office.”

“I wanted someone who was technically skilled and knowledgeable, personable – who would care about me and do their best for me. Being a nurse/patient, this was supreme to me. I believed I found that in Dr. Hunsicker. I still do, in fact more so! I’ve always felt she was there. A physician actually caring and maintaining medical follow up is so very rare! Too many times it’s cursory at best! Dr. Hunsicker is not like that!”

“This experience had several good parts but two stood out in particular: Dr. Hunsicker made me feel comfortable, from the beginning, and I knew any question I asked would be answered. In addition, I always felt her staff took that extra step for the patient.”

“I chose Dr. Hunsicker because I can tell she’s sincere, not a phony, just a sweet and honest person. I laugh that we can laugh when we see each other. I trust her, and that’s a great feeling to have. There’s a lot of love in that office. It’s filled with women who truly care about you as an individual.”

“I had consultations with several other doctors prior to selecting Revalla. I chose Revalla because of Dr. Hunsicker’s commitment to address her patients’ concerns and the size of the office permits her to have a one-on-one connection with her patients. I never felt like I was in an assembly line like some of the consultations at other plastic surgeons’ offices. Dr. Hunsicker personally called me at home prior to me choosing Revalla to answer some questions I had after the consultation and kept in contact with me prior to and after my surgery to be sure I was doing OK.”

“The reputation of the office!”

“Based on my impression, her patience with answering questions, my belief that you would aim for a natural look, all the women in office, and openness for discussion!”

“Wanted a woman!”

“Dr. Hunsicker was highly recommended!”

“I was instantly comfortable”

“More personal”

“I thought Lisa listened more than any of the 5 previous consultations I had been to!”

“I appreciated her warm bedside manner and was referred to her by a doctor I trust and respect very much.”

“Went with referral – Liked Dr. H when I met her.”

“I have a tremendous amount of regard and respect for Dr. Hunsicker”

“Confident from the beginning.”

“I felt more comfortable with a woman MD”

“I liked Dr. Hunsicker’s honesty!”

“The care in which Dr. Hunsicker took, her bedside manner, the availability & price”

“Because Dr. Hunsicker spent time with me & seemed genuinely interested in doing my surgery & was so very nice!”

“Dr. Hunsicker!!”

“I liked the surgeon better. She made me feel comfortable and she knew what she was doing! I felt confident in her skills!”

“Because of the attention and compassion given by Dr. Hunsicker.”

“I liked Lisa when I first met her – I think she is great!”

“Dr’s consultation answered concerns, questions and I felt she would care for me professionally, aware of me as a person and patient – not just another client/mechanical procedure.”

“I liked the doctor and felt comfortable with her.”

“The doctor’s education and first impression at consult.”

“Because of Dr. Hunsicker!!!”

“Thanks for everything. Everyone in the office was awesome!”

“There are no words with enough gratitude to thank Dr. Widner and Dr. Hunsicker for what they have done for me.”

“Dr. Hunsicker made the reality of my situation (of a breast cancer diagnosis) something that was far easier to accept. I look in the mirror every day and am reminded of where I have been and how blessed I was to have a team of surgeons that listened to my concerns and helped me accept the hand that I was dealt. I thank God for them every day!”

“I appreciate Dr. Hunsicker’s caring and professional manner in dealing with my concerned husband after surgery at the surgery center”

“I am very satisfied with the quality of care and service provided by Dr. Hunsicker and her staff. I could not have asked for better results! Thank you very much!”

“What a great experience! Thank you!”

“Life is good and it’s going to be a great summer! Thank you for the laughter and the encouragement. You and your staff are wonderful!”

“I would like to take a minute to sincerely express my gratitude for the incredible work that you did. For the first time in my life I feel normal. I can go swimming and get in a hot tub without being embarrassed. Thanks to you I feel good about my looks. Thank you!”

“I think you all are great!”

“You and your staff have been very helpful and so kind! I have truly appreciated all of your efforts!”

“The care and consideration was exceptional. I thank you for always being available and for the post-op telephone calls to see how I was doing. I will definitely recommend your skills and staff to others.”

“Lisa was so kind and caring, and I felt well taken care of. Lisa did a fantastic job and now all of my friends tell me that my breasts are beautiful!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your personal care and attention. I never expected my surgery to go so smoothly and heal so well, and I am so thankful that I had the most wonderful surgeon to take care of me.”

“Thank you for your expertise & TLC when you did my recent surgery!”

“The office staff was wonderful and made me and my family feel at home, I totally recommend this office to anyone I speak to.”

“There were no nurses – Dr. Hunsicker was available at all appointments. She did an outstanding job.”

“Dr. Hunsicker and her staff at Revalla are sensitive to individual patient needs and desires. They took very good care of me.”

“The office is so nice and helpful it’s like visiting friends.”

“Dr. Hunsicker is a wonderful doctor. She shows that she really cares about you and wants to make sure you’re happy with the procedure and everything else.”

“You rock!”

“Dr. Hunsicker is an AWESOME care giver! Explains things well and is very approachable! THANK YOU!”

“My daughter, the nurse practitioner who recommended me, said when I told her about this questionnaire, ‘Are you kidding? I’d recommend her for sainthood. She’s the best!’ That says it all!”

“Very pleasant experience – extremely happy with Dr. Hunsicker and staff. Will recommend and would do it again. Will return for future needs.”

“We loved Lisa – great manner!”

“I think Dr. Hunsicker is a wonderful Dr. and I would see her again for any further surgical needs as well as recommend her”

“Thank you!”

“I’ve recommended you to 3 already!”

“I was very happy with how I was treated and the care I received. Never have I had a doctor so generous with time and information. A phone call in the evening to say lab results were good was extremely caring. I appreciate the quick care I got after surgery. Excellent people/patient treatment. Thank you. Staff always friendly and helpful. A joy to come to the office.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor & staff! I appreciate everything you all have done. Thank you!”

“You are all GREAT!”

“I have been extremely satisfied with the entire experience and have recommended others to your practice. Thanks!!”

“Everyone was so kind and helpful. I appreciate the time Dr. Hunsicker spent with me and my family!!!”

“Dr. Hunsicker is awesome and I will recommend her to everyone. The office staff is friendly and helpful!”

“Dr. Hunsicker is a very caring and compassionate person who really makes patients feel at ease. I would highly recommend her to other people.”

“I recommend Dr. Hunsicker to all my friends. They think my surgery looks great. Thank you very much!”

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“My Experience has been amazing. Dr. Hunsicker is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I had an abdominoplasty and am thrilled with the results. The post-op care was phenomenal as well. Enjoyable experience.”


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