Set Yourself Up For Successful Recovery After Plastic Surgery Procedure

With a recent estimate placing the number of annual plastic surgery procedures well over 12 million worldwide, plastic surgery is as popular as it has ever been. If you’re reading this, chances are you are considering or will get a procedure done.

While the surgeon handles the procedure, there are steps you can take to ensure a speedy and effective recovery to help bolster your results. The main step you can take is sleep.

We know the importance of sleep, usually when we don’t get enough of it. However, despite knowing how vital it is for our health, many tend not to get a full night’s rest. Learn the importance of sleep today, especially regarding post-op recovery plastic surgery procedures.

The Main Benefit of Sleep: Reduce Inflammation

After surgery, your body triggers its natural healing response. A consequence of this response is inflammation. Wherever the procedure is undertaken, your body will increase blood flow to that area to help remove waste products, supply nutrients, and help immobilize the area to prevent damage.

While inflammation is necessary and helpful, chronic inflammation can be damaging and uncomfortable, prohibiting recovery rather than promoting it.

Sleep helps lower inflammation by expediting the process of recovery and, without it, may even increase markers of inflammation.

Make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep following your surgery. Your doctor will give you an idea of how long your recovery period will be following your plastic surgery procedure.

A Helpful Reminder: Make Sure You Sleep, Not Just Lie Down

It is easy to misconstrue rest as the same thing as sleep. However, the two, though similar, are different. Having your feet and not engaging in rigorous activity is beneficial to recovery. Still, sleep has robust physiological processes that directly impact recovery at a cellular level. In short, sleep helps reduce inflammation and boost tissue repair; both processes are necessary for recovery.

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While sleep is vital after your surgery, choosing who will carry out your procedure is just as important.

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