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Compassion, patience, and the promise to really listen. We realize there are many options available to you when choosing a plastic surgeon. And while we also know that your experience with Revalla Plastic Surgery will be primarily defined by the skills of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Hunsicker, our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the industry’s best full spectrum surgical experience. We are proud of what we do and look forward to showing you the difference Revalla can make.

Following are some of the practices and processes that make Revalla unique:

1. The Thoroughness of Our Surgeon

From consultation to recovery, you will not find a more thorough surgeon than Dr. Lisa Hunsicker and Dr. Cecelia Nguyen.

Our surgeons are meticulous about doing pre-operative screenings to identify hidden issues that could affect your health, recovery, or results.

During surgery, our surgeons are known for taking their time and diligently working to achieve the best possible results. There are few surgeons who spend more time per procedure than us.

2. The Caring From Our Staff

Everyone knows the importance of choosing your surgeon, and another important component of your surgical experience is the skill of the staff. In fact, many of our patients say that our staff played a crucial role in the surgical process—in both the preparation before surgery and in the recovery after the procedure, the Revalla staff is eager and willing to help make the experience top-notch. From making sure your questions are answered and providing reassurance when needed, to providing helpful tips to aid in recovery, you can count on the Revalla staff to be with you every step of the way!

3. The Quality of Our Results

While there are many qualified and technically capable plastic surgeons out there, what sets Dr. Hunsicker apart is her ability to tailor her results to meet the unique goals of each individual. You will not look at our “after” photos and say, “They all look the same.” This is because our patients are not all trying to achieve the same thing. Each is an individual with unique goals. By taking the time to truly understand your specific goals, Dr. Hunsicker can better work to achieve them.

4. The Scope of Our Practice

We are a small practice by design. When Dr. Hunsicker first began private practice, she wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable and knew that she was always available to them. By keeping the practice small and intimate, we are able to ensure quality, personalized care for each patient. At Revalla, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated as an individual and never “lost in the crowd.”

5. The Nature of Our Patients

Although plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream, for many it can still seem a little intimidating. Reality TV and Hollywood can accentuate this misconception because plastic surgery is often associated with the rich and famous, or inaccurately glamorized as completely transforming someone’s life. While some of the things you see on TV are a reality in plastic surgery, they are not the only representation of what happens at Revalla. You’ll find that we are a practice for normal, everyday individuals, probably a lot like you. Revalla is a place where regular people, who are looking to quietly and discretely make some enhancements, feel comfortable. Our patients are the biggest reason we love coming to work every day!

6. The Promise to Really Listen

A cornerstone of Revalla Plastic Surgery, our promise to really listen to our patients is something you can truly count on. Why do we make this promise? Because without listening, we could never earn the trust, confidence, and support of our patients. If you’ve ever left a physician’s office feeling like you weren’t heard, we invite you come visit us and see the difference Revalla can make!

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“My Experience has been amazing. Dr. Hunsicker is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I had an abdominoplasty and am thrilled with the results. The post-op care was phenomenal as well. Enjoyable experience.”


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