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Fat Grafting

The use of fat grafting for breast reconstruction yields natural-looking breasts with more natural shape, size, and skin tone. The fat used in such procedures is harvested from another part of the body, usually the abdomen or thighs. By using natural fat, breast reconstructions achieved through fat grafting have great potential to look and feel as natural as possible, and to last throughout the woman’s life. Most commonly, fat grafting is used to refine the contours of the breast after direct-to-implant surgery has been completed, or after a woman has undergone a mastectomy and radiation with no reconstruction.

Techniques in Fat Grafting For Breast Reconstruction

Before beginning breast reconstruction and fat grafting, Dr. Hunsicker will work with you to identify target areas of your body from which to harvest the fat. As the operation begins, fat will be removed from these target areas through liposuction. This procedure allows the fat to remain intact and ready for use in grafting. Harvested fat is then carefully injected into the breast to help provide a natural appearance. Fat grafting can be used at any stage of breast reconstruction, whether rebuilding a breast immediately following mastectomy or as a follow-up treatment to enhance the final result of previously-performed reconstructive surgery. Once it’s injected into the breast, the fat helps smooth out the contour of the tissue. Fat grafts help to reduce or correct ripples, waves, or visible inconsistencies that can appear as a result of breast implants and reconstruction.


As with any form of breast reconstruction, expect some degree of swelling, soreness, and bruising, especially at any incision or injection sites. In the weeks immediately following treatment, avoid any extreme movement, stress, or abrasion at incision and injection sites. You should expect similar soreness at the harvest site. All bruising and soreness should be gone after several months, but you should be able to return to normal activities in one to two weeks after receiving the treatment. Throughout your recovery period, be sure to follow any directions for postoperative care provided by your reconstructive surgeon.
Fat grafting for breast reconstruction is performed in an operating room under either IV sedation or a general anesthetic. It is usually a much shorter procedure than the original reconstructive surgery, if one has been performed. Work with Dr. Hunsicker to determine the best approach for your particular operation.
In general, fat grafting for breast reconstruction takes approximately two-three hours to perform.
Fat grafting for breast reconstruction is expected to provide results that last a lifetime. After recovering from the operation, patients meet with Dr. Hunsicker to determine the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

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