What Is Female Feminization Surgery?

Female feminization surgery is a surgical procedure designed to improve feminine features in a male. This gender affirmation surgery is performed in order to help natural-born men who feel they are transgender or transsexual and want to change their physical appearance to reflect their desired gender identity of females. It can also be used for people who are born intersex, which means that their anatomic characteristics do not match with the typical “male” or “female” categories. At Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Littleton, CO, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Hunsicker, can assist with this and other gender-affirming surgeries you may be considering.

What Are Some of the Types of Female Feminization Surgery?

There are several different types of female feminization surgery, depending on the patient’s individual needs. These procedures can include breast implants, facial feminization, body contouring, and vaginal reconstruction. Some surgeries may be necessary due to birth defects or other conditions, while others may be performed just for aesthetic purposes. Some procedures may also involve removing male genitalia, while others may include creating a vagina.

What Are the Possible Risks and Complications of Female Feminization Surgery?

Like any other type of surgery, some risks are associated with female feminization procedures. These can include infection, bleeding, and nerve injury in extreme cases. Other risks may include scarring, hematoma (blood pooling under the skin), or tissue damage. It is essential to discuss all potential risks with your board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Hunsicker, prior to undergoing any procedure.

Should I Consider This Type of Surgery?

If you have been struggling with gender identity issues and feel that essential feminine features will improve your quality of life, then it may be worth considering female feminization surgery. This decision should always be discussed with a qualified medical professional prior to undergoing any kind of procedure.

How Do I Learn More?

Our board-certified plastic surgeon can assist you in helping your outward appearance match your inner self. If you are considering general affirming or female feminization surgery and live in the Littleton, CO, area, we welcome you to call 720-283-2500 to request an appointment at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. The office is open to new patients as well as returning ones seeking surgical and nonsurgical solutions for their appearance and self-esteem.

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