Claiming Your Self-Confidence With Gender Affirming Surgery

For those on the road toward fully understanding and thriving in their transgender identity, male-to-female gender-affirming surgery—also known broadly as top surgery—can be a pivotal moment in many transgender women’s lives. That’s because it not only has a profound impact on their physical appearance but also a real and tangible positive effect on their mental health as well (more on that later).

Male-to-female top surgery is very similar to the breast augmentation surgeries that cisgender women often undergo to conform to their own unique body images. But what does this journey of gender-affirming surgery look like before, during, and after?

Before Gender Affirming Surgery

For many transgender women—possibly you—body dysphoria is a daily battle they must struggle with that is all too often exacerbated by social and political pressures around the area in which they live. But with a supportive family and caring community, this battle is often made immensely more bearable. Likewise, consulting a trustworthy plastic surgeon with experience performing top surgery can help you find the confidence to take the next big step in transitioning.

The Day of the Procedure

If you’re considering male-to-female gender-affirming surgery, the overall process will look like such:

  • You’ll have covered all your questions and concerns with your surgeon in the days and hours leading up to the surgery.
  • You’ll arrive at your appointment with someone to help drive you home afterward, as top surgery is an outpatient procedure.
  • The surgery will be conducted and your chest will be reshaped and contoured through gender-affirming breast augmentation.

After that, with a prescription to ease any post-surgery pain, you’ll be sent home with a variety of recovery instructions to ensure your body heals well.

Recovery and Life Afterwards

Most patients are able to return to their normal routine (such as work and social activities) within a week or so, but the recovery period often lasts anywhere from four to six weeks. During this time, it will be essential to allow your body the rest it needs to heal fully without error. And once you’ve recovered, you’ll like to see exactly why studies have shown that gender affirmation surgery (or care, more broadly) has a positive effect on the mental health of transgender individuals.

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