Professional Skin Care: Why Your Skin Is Worth it

The importance of proper skin care cannot be denied. Women and men alike turn to skin care both for preventative and restorative qualities. At Revalla, many of our patients inquire about our lines of professional skin care—are they better? Are they worth spending the extra money? To both of these, we say yes. Why, you might ask. Simply put, professional skin care products are more effective and deliver better results.

Not satisfied with such a simple answer? Here, we provide a list of reasons why over the counter and retail products do not hold up in comparison to professional and medical grade skin care:

Made in large batches: Produced in large batches to serve the masses, more preservatives and fillers are added to the product to increase shelf life.

à Made in small batches, specialty skin care ensures freshness and optimal results.

Lower percentage of active ingredients: Sold publicly, retail products consist of simpler, more basic formulas.

à Sold by licensed retailers only, professional grade skin care is approved to have higher concentrations of active ingredients.

One size fits all: To meet the generic term “for all skin types” products are often formulated to meet a wide array of skin ailments. Hyped by clever marketing, these products cannot deliver skin-specific result.

à Looking for unique results? It is imperative you use products formulated for your unique skin needs as well as unique skin makeup.

Other differing factors: Often, synthetic dyes, colors, and fragrances are added to improve the products sensory experience. Unnecessary chemicals like these can act as skin irritants. Most products you find on the drug store shelf are lower in quality and laden with inexpensive, pore clogging oils. One thing to be on the lookout for: products containing mineral oil and petroleum—these products are forbidden by most skin care professionals.

Personalized Skin Care at Revalla

Another benefit of professional skin care—you are not left wondering which of the one-thousand-and-one toners will best suit your skin. Revalla’s licensed aesthetician, Ruth Ann Roth, will help you identify which products will best suit your skin and your skin’s needs. Skilled and knowledge, Ruth Ann proves herself invaluable when deciding what product is best for you. With so many choices, on the market, we understand skin care can be overwhelming. We strive to make it as comfortable and as easy as possible. You are not alone in your decision; Ruth Ann will educate and guide you through our extensive product selection.

New! More Skin care Choices at Revalla

We are proud to introduce a new and innovative skin care line, Tecniche. Techniche is specially designed for sensitive and health challenged skin—emphasizing both short and long term care:

  • Short Term: Skin will be soothed, softened, and balanced
  • Long Term: Skin will be revitalized and strengthened

Our skin’s health and vibrancy are dependent on how you care for it. A glowing complexion can be yours with the help of Dr. Huntsicker, Ruth Ann, and Revalla’s carefully selected lines of professional skin care. Let us help you, help your skin.

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