Botox: 5 Myths Not To Believe

Botox continues to be one of the most sought after procedures. Patients come to Revalla wanting a refreshed and wrinkle free complexion. With the help of Botox, Dr. Hunsicker can reduce the unsightliness of fine facial lines. Proving its popularity, in 2013 alone, 6.3 million Botox injectable treatments were performed. An ever-popular treatment, Botox tends to get a bad rep. Here, we debunk 5 commonly believed myths.

With Botox, You Are Unable To Express Emotion

One of the greater fears women have going into their Botox treatment is that they will be left with a frozen, emotionless face. When performed by a trained and highly skilled injector, there is no need to fear the dreaded ‘frozen face’. At Revalla, Dr. Hunsicker personally performs all Botox injections. The key, with Botox, less is more. Dr. Hunsicker will customize both the amount of Botox used as well as methodically place injections to give you natural-appearing refreshed face.

Botox Is Toxic

Known generically as Botulinum Toxin, the name itself is highly misleading. Botox is derived from a purified protein, Botulism. While at high doses, this may prove toxic, Botox is highly diluted and poses no health risks. Extensive research and testing has been conducted to ensure its safety both in the short and long term. As with any drug, when properly administered, Botox is safe and will not harm the body. At Revalla, we take special care to freshly prepare and administer Botox to ensure optimal safety, effectiveness, and results.

Injections Are Painful

Needle-phobes need not worry. As a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, Botox is injected through a super-fine needle. At the most, patients report feeling a slight pinch that lasts only a few short seconds. Even better, Botox is a quick treatment with no associated downtime. Once done, you are free to return to your day.

Wrinkles Worsen When You Stop Botox

Some are under the impression that once Botox wears off, it can make wrinkles more pronounced. This is far from the truth. While results vary, Botox typically lasts three to four months, with some seeing the benefits upwards of six months to one year. Once the Botox has worn off, your muscles will slowly relax and return to their pre-Botox state.

The Best Time For Botox Is When Lines Appear

More and more, Botox is being used as a preventative measure. It is more difficult to smooth a line after it has set in the skin. Botox treats lines and wrinkles that are formed by frequent muscle movements such as squinting, frowning, or furrowing of the eyebrows. Designed to relax these hyperactive muscles—muscle-induced wrinkles and lines can be prevented from originating.

Feeling better about Botox? At Revalla, every Thursday is “Botox Day”! Offering special pricing, we provide you with an excellent opportunity to see how Botox can work you. Interested? We would love to see you. To learn more about the benefits of Botox, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hunsicker.

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