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3 Benefits of a Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Denver Breast Reconstruction If you have had a mastectomy and want to feel like yourself again after your breast cancer treatment, talk to us about breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Hunsicker has extensive experience performing a single-stage, direct-to-implant procedure that allows for the replacement of the breast as soon as the breast is removed during mastectomy. Dr. Hunsicker may perform this procedure using a special technique depending on the patient’s cancer stage and surgical history. Other techniques can also be effective for restoring your figure. Here are just three benefits of a breast reconstruction procedure:

1. Can be performed at the time of mastectomy.

Patients have the option of emerging from a mastectomy with a fully-reconstructed breast when working with Dr. Hunsicker. She has refined the direct-to-implant reconstruction technique so that there is no long wait time between the mastectomy and getting a new breast. This technique is also known as single stage Denver breast reconstruction and involves creating a pocket within the chest and inserting a new implant. Dr. Hunsicker will help you to determine whether you are a candidate for silicone or saline implants.

2. Improves body image.

If you have become very self-conscious about your appearance after a mastectomy, you may enjoy some psychosocial benefits of a breast reconstruction procedure. Research shows that the majority of women who undergo a breast reconstruction procedure after mastectomy enjoy a higher quality of life and an improvement in body image.

3. Natural-looking results.

The breast reconstruction procedure can be performed with saline or silicone implants, and also by using natural tissue flaps that are grafted from other parts of the body. Even though the reconstructed breast may not look exactly like and feel exactly like your original breast, it will restore your proportions and help you feel more confident about your appearance. Denver breast reconstruction surgery is just one of several breast enhancement procedures that can improve your body image and boost your self-confidence. If you are undergoing mastectomy and looking for options to restore your figure after surgery, consider the benefits of a direct-to-implant procedure or other breast reconstruction procedures at our practice. Schedule your breast reconstruction consultation with Dr. Hunsicker today.

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