What Does Breast Augmentation Recovery Look Like?

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You’re finally ready for your breast augmentation procedure—or perhaps you are taking the first steps in planning so that you’ll be prepared when the time comes—and the crucial question on your mind is, what will recovery look like? Dr. Lisa Hunsicker understands that the preparation for recovery after breast augmentation can be just as important as the initial steps. Many of our Colorado patients are pleasantly surprised to find out that breast augmentation does not require a long recovery time and is actually quite manageable. Of course, it is important to remember that no two women are alike and so this recovery process will be different based on your pain tolerance and other health considerations.

Time Off Work

This is a very important factor for many women considering a breast augmentation procedure at Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Hunsicker recommends to take 3-7 days off work, unless your job requires lots of lifting. Although most patients won’t have range of motion restrictions, Dr. Hunsicker does ask that patients refrain from lifting more than 10 lbs for the first several weeks after surgery. While every woman is different, most of our clients can return to work and most of their daily activities as soon as they’ve stopped taking pain medications.


Probably the second most popular question Dr. Hunsicker receives for potential breast augmentation clients is, “When can I resume physical activity again?” We love that our clients are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we understand that exercising is a crucial part of many women’s lives. Dr. Hunsicker’s goal is to put your surgical recovery into long-term perspective, to help her patients understand the importance of giving their bodies appropriate time to heal thoroughly. We find that walking is a great way for many women to maintain their activity level without increasing their heart rate. At about four weeks post-op, you may slowly progress to aerobic activity and then restrictions are lifted completely at six weeks. Exercise involving weights should be held off for at least six weeks to allow time for healing.

Underwire Bras

Many of Dr. Hunsicker’s breast augmentation patients look forward to having perkier breasts that don’t require the assistance of padding and underwire! Yet for other patients, old habits are hard to break. Immediately after your procedure, Dr. Hunsicker will ask you to wear an ACE bandage for support and protection. Once your implants have “dropped”, you can consider wearing a softer cup or sports bra until your incisions have healed completely.

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