A Slim Neck is a Kybella® Injection Away!


Fat underneath the chin seems to sometimes have a mind of its own. Even when you lose weight and eat right, sometimes the stubborn double chin refuses to slim down. Many men and women are unhappy or self-conscious about their submental (below the chin) fullness, but often are unaware of their treatment options. Dr. Hunsicker and her team at Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics in the Denver area are here to let you know there is a non-surgical way to slim your neck: Kybella® injections.

The Fat Reducing Injection That Gets the Job Done

We know what you might be thinking. “Really? How can an injection get rid of my chin fat?” Kybella has been ingeniously engineered to utilize the fat-dissolving ingredient known as deoxycholic acid to help address submental fullness. Once injected, the deoxycholic acid works to destroy the problem fat cells and your body will naturally dispose of the dead cells over time. The end result is a slimmer chin and more chiseled jawline to help add a youthful and healthy contour to your appearance.

Contouring Made Easy

The Kybella procedure does not require any anesthesia, although a numbing cream can be administered to make sure the injection process is carefree. Dr. Hunsicker, or Colleen Berry, Revalla’s nurse injector, will then inject Kybella in the target areas and voila – you’re done! No surgery, minimal downtime, and a permanent reduction of the fullness under the chin.

Results That Last

As the deoxycholic acid starts to break down fat cells, you will experience localized swelling at the injection sites. About a week after your treatment, as your body begins to dispose of the dead cells, your slimming results will start gradually and diminish to a very natural-looking and slimmer contour. Many of our Denver clients notice results from their Kybella treatments within a few weeks after their initial treatment session. As your body removes dead fat cells, your neck will appear slimmer over time. Dr. Hunsicker may recommend a series of two-six Kybella sessions to achieve optimal results.

The beauty of Kybella is once fat cells are removed, they can’t store additional fat. Your Kybella neck contouring procedure will be permanent, which is great news for you!

Start Your Kybella Journey

Simple injection, fat eliminating ingredients, minimal downtime, and results that last. The only thing missing is a committed, skilled team of injectors to go on the Kybella journey alongside you. Dr. Hunsicker and the staff at Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics are ready to be that team for you and create a personalized treatment plan to ensure you are getting the best, quality care. Schedule your initial consultation today if you are interested in how Kybella can transform your life with a non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

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