Part III Mommy Makeover: Rejuvenating Your Post-pregnancy Breasts

While the abdomen may be the more obvious victim of pregnancy, for those women who have had children, you know how the breasts take just as much of a hit as the tummy – if not worse. That is why breast augmentation is often an important part to many mommy makeover procedures.

What happens to the breasts after pregnancy?

Changes in the breasts do not stop with childbirth. After giving birth, your breasts will begin developing breast milk – actually, colostrum for the first few days – and the first steps of breastfeeding are under way. During this period of lactation, the breasts appear to grow or become fuller. The breasts and nipples are often tender or sore for a while as the body grows accustomed to nursing. Unfortunately, this temporary “growth” of the breasts is followed by a swift decrease in size and sagging once breastfeeding is complete. Why does this happen? The lactation period tends to stretch the skin around the breasts past the size they are used to, and once lactation ends, the skin often lacks its former elasticity needed to tighten up again.

Can anything be done to prevent changes in the breasts from breastfeeding?

Sadly, no. Despite what those many mom magazines continually publish, there is no real exercise that can prevent the breasts from undergoing some sort of change or reverse changes that have already taken place. You can do push-ups and dumbbell flies until your arms fall off, but it won’t help with skin laxity, a loss of volume or asymmetry that may have occurred after pregnancy. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that you have to live with a body you are not happy or comfortable with.

As a mom, I understand the mental tolls that these physical changes can take on women after pregnancy. The changes that the body undergoes can leave women feeling like they are no longer themselves, negatively affecting their self-image and intimacy. There are also many women who refuse to have children because of these changes that the breasts and body go through. But for those of us with our own children, no amount of change would prevent us from doing it all over again. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between a baby and your body.

A mommy makeover is a way to finally do something for yourself to regain the body that you once had. The changes that your breasts undergo as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding don’t have to be permanent. Performing breast enhancement procedures as part of your mommy makeover can help give you back the breasts that you once had. A breast lift can be used to elevate the breasts back up to a more youthful position while breast augmentation can help fill out the loss of volume. Patients of the mommy makeover are often overwhelmed with joy when they are able to once again look in the mirror and feel like themselves again. As a female plastic surgeon, I couldn’t ask for a better reward.

Breast Rejuvenation for Mothers in Denver & Littleton

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