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As women, we all know what pregnancy can do to our bodies. We know about the sagging, the extra skin and the loss of volume. Most importantly, we know about the emotional toll it can take on us. As a female plastic surgeon (and a mom!) who has performed numerous mommy makeovers, I am here to speak candidly in a three part series about all your options as a mom. Women plastic surgeons know and understand what it means for a woman to think that nothing can be done about her post-pregnancy body. It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy, and even more common to lose it right after birth; however, it’s the nine-month process of constant change and discomfort that transforms your body to the point where it feels like punishment. But women don’t have to feel this way about their appearance any longer.

A Mommy Makeover Can Help

With all the work and time that comes with being a mother, finding time for yourself is a difficult thing to do. Things like dieting or exercising can seem nearly impossible, and even when you do succeed in losing the baby weight, many of the issues left behind by pregnancy will not go away. The mommy makeover is designed precisely for that – to provide mothers with the makeover that they very much deserve. Using a combination of body procedures, a mommy makeover offers moms the opportunity to regain their pre-baby bodies. Cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation can sometimes be completed in a single surgery to address the various problem areas resulting from pregnancy or nursing.

Let’s Get Real

Woman to woman, we all have our own take on how to regain our old silhouette. Just like we all know that each and every pregnancy is different, so too is each and every mommy makeover. In this three part series I will discuss some of the most common mommy makeover procedures and some not so common procedures that I have seen a growing need for. Be sure to check back in for the next blog discussion on how to get all those curves back into all the right places.

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