Inverted nipple correction with a plastic surgeon in Littleton, Colorado

Woman Wearing A Pink Strapless Checking Her Breast 1 Both men and women may experience nipple inversion. This occurs when the nipple on the breast sits flat or is inverted instead of being erect. To address this, many patients will want to ask about inverted nipple correction with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Lisa Hunsicker and her team at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is here to assist!

What causes nipple inversion?

There are a few different reasons why patients might experience nipple inversion. For some patients, they are born this way and it is a birth defect that was not addressed earlier. For others, the condition occurs after childbirth and breastfeeding. This is problematic for many women as it keeps them from being able to breastfeed their babies. With nipple inversion correction, the nipple can be reversed, allowing women to breastfeed again after the area has healed.

Is nipple inversion correction painful?

As with any surgery, there is discomfort following the procedure as the area heals. During the surgery itself, however, the patient is properly anesthetized and sedated. The procedure is performed quickly either in the office or in an operating room depending on the severity. In most cases, the doctor will severe the fibers that are keeping the nipple pulled in to allow it to be pushed out and sutured in place.

What should I expect during the recovery process?

Recovering from nipple inversion correction is quick and simple. Most of our patients are able to return to their normal work and school schedule without interruption though they will need to protect the nipple area for up to a month. Patients will visit the doctor approximately one week after their procedure for an evaluation and to ensure the area is healing with signs of infection.

Discuss the benefits of nipple inversion surgery with our board-certified plastic surgeon

Littleton, Colorado area patients who are struggling with inverted nipples are encouraged to book an appointment at Revalla Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics to learn more about inverted nipple correction. The office is located at 7750 South Broadway, Suite #220 and can be reached by phone at (720) 283-2500 to request a consultation visit.

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