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Skin can become damaged from the inside out and vice versa. So, are you doing the right things to protect your skin and its youthful aesthetic and elasticity from the outside in? Learn the 3 myths about sun safety.

Myth #1 Base tans prevent sunburns:

Many sunbathers see that the more you bronze the less likely you are to burn. Just because a burn isn’t present doesn’t mean damage isn’t being done. Any pigment that is not natural to you is a form of change and in turn damage. The darkening or burning of your skin is your skin trying to correct itself.

Myth #2 Suntans clear up acne:

Between the drying factors that cause your skin to sag and age faster the sun can also enhance the differences in pigment from acne of your past. The drying effects of the sun also make your skin produce acne causing oils faster to supplement the loss of moisture.

Myth #3 Doubling your SPF doubles your protection:

While the protection does increase with the SPF noted it does not double like addition.  SPF 15 gives you protection from 97% and so and so forth. Just remember that no matter the number after the SPF it is all affective for the same amount of time. Reapply a minimum of every two hours. Several services are available for reversing the signs and side effects of sun damage. Your cosmetic physician or dermatologist can inspect the extent of your sun damage and recommend a treatment to help reverse the damage and refresh and revitalize your skin. To learn more about how to protect your skin, click below to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon and begin building your own custom compounded skin care regimen.

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