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When I received my breast cancer diagnosis I was understandably shocked and afraid. Upon meeting Dr. Hunsicker her professionalism, self confidence, and candor helped to allay my fears and empowered me to make life changing decisions. I am two months post mastectomy and reconstruction and couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr. Hunsicker is an amazing surgeon and her staff is top notch. I plan on being a patient for life!

Jane E.

My tummy tuck removed around 7.5 pounds of skin and included a hernia repair. I ‘love’ my new smiley scar. It hides well under my underwear and is smooth and symmetric. I think Dr. Hunsicker did an incredible job. I wanted the tummy tuck so clothes would fit better and I wouldn’t mind seeing myself in a mirror. What I wasn’t expecting is the side effects: I can move better, I can hold my knees together, I can see the tops of my legs, there is less pressure on my bladder, my circulation is better. touching my toes is easier. I can suck my gut in, really in. I’m at week 7 and still a little swollen, but I would be happy with this. After surgery: On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is serious pain, this was about a 2-3 most of the time. The anesthetic lasted 2.5 days and the pain was minor, as long as I didn’t cough, sneeze, or laugh too hard. On the third day I started feeling a tickling sensation, I assume that was the nerves coming back on-line, I never did use any of the pain meds. I went back to work on day 5 (sit-down job). The drain bulbs were the majority of the pain. I ended up using large band-aides to keep the tubes from catching on everything. I wore pants and shorts with deep pockets so I could put the bulbs in the pockets. I wasn’t able to have the bulbs taken out until the end of week 3, and I hear that sometimes you end up having them even longer. This was definitely worth it, I just wish I’d done it years ago.


I met with Dr. Hunsicker in the Summer of 2018 as I recently discovered I was BRCA 1 +. My sister had already received a breast cancer diagnosis, had chemo treatments and reconstruction with expanders. I was looking for a reputable surgeon to perform a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I had heard about DTI – direct to implant – and was curious in being able to have one surgery, since this was for preventative measures it was possible for me to be a candidate. As my luck would have it I was a candidate and in August of 2018 I had a NS PBM DTI OTM – nipple sparring, prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, direct to implant, over the muscle. From the time I checked in for surgery until I went home was 14 hours, the surgery itself was about 6 hours. I was able to sleep in my own bed the same evening! What impressed me, and my family who had already vetted surgeons in Chicago for my sister, was the attention to detail. The staff was always pleasant on the phone and in person. Prior to surgery I was given a document that detailed the medication, when to take it and what it was for. I was able to pick up the prescriptions a few days before so that was one less thing to worry about. Dr. Hunsicker recommended talking with a nutritionist and seeing an acupuncturist prior to surgery. She didn’t push it, just mentioned the benefits I could see. I had never seen an acupuncturist and after a couple treatments I was surprised how much better I felt with less stress and anxiety. I highly recommend it! As for the nutritionist, I thought I ate pretty healthy, but when you look at the studies about what we put in and on our body and how it’s absorbed, I was up for some education. There was so much I learned, especially using collagen supplements prior to surgery to help my skin, that I still follow the guidelines 8 months after surgery. Dr. Hunsicker is thorough after the surgery. I saw her and the nursing staff the morning after, not even 12 hours after I left the hospital. I saw her a few days later when I was too scared to remove a pain pump on my own. The staff was so kind when I embarrassingly walked into the office for a 5 second visit. Then for next several weeks I saw the nursing staff at routine appointments. I had minor issues with a stitch trying to poke out but other than that my recovery was a breeze. I don’t need any revisions and superficially, I look fantastic! I think the holistic approach of a healthy body and mind prior to and during recovery helped a lot as well as physical therapy. I’m very glad Dr. Hunsicker was my surgeon and would recommend her and her team to anyone.

Anonymous 2

When you hear those words – you’ve got breast cancer, your world freezes. As you tell family and friends, all you hear are horror stories. We were referred to Dr Hunsicker from our GP. From the very first meeting, she was up front, positive and matter of fact. Nothing was left to wonder or worry about. She explained all we would go through, and a time line. Her staff was supportive and very positive without being condescending or pejorative. After surgery was scheduled, we met again to ‘pick out breast implants’. Not something you ever expect to do. Again, Dr. Hunsicker explained our options and we felt we made the best choices. At the hospital before surgery, she was again very positive and explained just what we could expect. After surgery, she explained how the procedure went and set forth a very specific protocol for us to follow. Once home, both Dr. Hunsicker and her staff were available for questions and concerns no matter how small. Follow up appointments went very smoothly and again we were impressed by how encouraging and professional everyone was. We had a very positive experience for a very scary event. Now that we are done we look back and realize how fortunate we were to have been sent to Dr Hunsicker. She is truly a life saver.

Anonymous 3

Absolutely amazing. Being BRCA1 positive and having survived a Stage IV Ovarian Cancer diagnosis and 2 recurrences, I could no longer live with the high risk possibility of developing breast cancer. Meeting Dr. Hunsicker for the 1st time, I knew right away she was the surgeon for me. She has a wonderful chair side manner, and just speaking with her it was quite evident she is highly skilled and very and passionate in obtaining the best possible results for her patients. There was no need for a second opinion. My expectation was simple, one surgery- mastectomy with immediate reconstruction , and I wanted to come out looking better than I went in. This is exactly what I got. Dr. Hunsicker provides options for women, that many other plastic surgeons don’t currently offer. In my opinion she is a pioneer in Direct To Implant reconstruction technique. The procedure was outpatient. I went in at 9am left at 6pm. I am still amazed how little pain I had; tylenol was all I needed. The day following surgery my husband and I went out for lunch and two days after the procedure we went to the movies. By far the easiest surgery I have had. Being faced with having to make this type of decision can be very hard and emotional- For me it was a little easier due to my past history. However hard it may be, it is far easier than hearing these 3 dreaded words again…. You have cancer. I have taken the time to share my thoughts in hopes of providing some ease to those who walk a similar path. Dr. Hunsicker is definitely who you want as your plastic surgeon, hands down.

Anonymous 4

I am 44 and was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time January 2017. This time I needed bilateral mastectomy, and it needed to be done quickly. I had consulted with other surgeons and I was left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the limited options I was given. What I was told was that reconstruction would involve tissue being taken from other parts of my body (additional scars and functional impairment), tissue expanders would be used over several months, and then after that I would need another surgery to finally put the implants in. Therefore I decided to just do bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction and hope that I could handle the result without too much mental trauma. Fortunately a friend of a friend introduced me to Dr. Hunsicker after having such a great outcome after her surgery. Dr. Hunsicker was very thorough in her exam and spent quality time with me going over all of my options, including the Direct to Implant Approach (which I didn’t even know was possible). Fortunately I was a candidate (even though 12 years ago I had radiation and tissue damage to one side) and I was easily able to move forward with my surgical decision. Dr. Hunsicker and Colleen Berry NP gave me clear step by step instructions for how to prepare for the surgery and what to do and expect after the surgery (including alternative supplements and treatments to help with healing and recovery). This really helped to ease my stress during such an overwhelming time. I spent one night in the hospital, and was home the next day. Now I’m not going to lie, the recovery isn’t a cake walk, and especially the first 2-4 weeks were difficult. It is major surgery after-all! However despite being sore, tight, fatigued, and limited with my arm mobility, I was off prescription pain medication by day 3. And just the fact I could look down and see myself still “intact” (I have my own skin and my own nipples over the implants) and knowing that the surgery was “one and done” well, that made all the difference in the world with being able to accept my breast cancer diagnosis and move forward with some level of normalcy. I have been so pleased with the outcome, and from start to finish everyone in the office made me feel right at home. When I had questions or concerns they were always addressed promptly. I am now about 10 weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I still have tightness as the tissue is still healing and expanding over the implants, and my previously radiated side is taking longer to adjust. Therefore physical therapy is crucial to the recovery process. But I was able to return to work 3 weeks ago and the cosmetic result already after only 10 weeks is quite remarkable! I highly recommend to anyone facing breast surgery for breast cancer to at least include Dr. Hunsicker on their list of MDs that they are consulting with before making a surgery decision. Her approach is by far the most cutting edge, detail oriented, best cosmetic result, and quickest recovery. Nobody should have to make a decision about surgery until they know ALL of their options.

Anonymous 5

I had breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck. Dr. Hunsicker and her staff were amazing to work with. She was very holistic and careful to make sure the entire experience was as easy and safe as possible. Dr. Hunsicker and her staff were very patient and thoroughly explained all the procedures, risks, and expectations to me. The entire process was very smooth and easy and I had a very easy and pain free recovery.

Anonymous 6

I decided to have a bi-lateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. I was surprised to learn I could have reconstruction at the same time. It really helped to have a team of women doctors and staff to support me through the procedure and recovery. The attention to every detail and concern from Dr. Hunsicker helped me to understand what to expect and also to prepare my body for the long surgery. Emotionally it helped to have the reconstruction at the same time to deal with the loss of my breasts.

Anonymous 7

My experience has been amazing. Dr. Hunsicker is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I had an abdominoplasty and am thrilled with the results. The post-op care was phenomenal as well. Enjoyable experience.


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“My Experience has been amazing. Dr. Hunsicker is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I had an abdominoplasty and am thrilled with the results. The post-op care was phenomenal as well. Enjoyable experience.”


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