Female To Male Top Surgery

Female to male top surgery, also known as female to male breast surgery, is a gender reassignment procedure that is performed to provide transgender men with a masculine, natural-looking chest. Dr. Lisa Hunsicker is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Denver, specializing in these surgeries to provide transgender men and women with the bodies they desire. She works closely with her patients to inform them of their options and discuss the benefits and risks of female to male top surgery.

Techniques Used for Female to Male Top Surgery

The goal of female to male top surgery is to reduce the size of feminine breasts and create a flatter, more masculine contouring of the chest. Dr. Hunsicker personalizes each of her patient’s surgeries to ensure a completely natural-looking outcome that stays true to his unique goals.

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Learn More About Female to Male Top Surgery in Denver

Dr. Hunsicker uses various techniques to perform female to male top surgery—keyhole for patients with minimal extra skin and breast tissue, peri-areolar and fishmouth for moderate amounts of extra skin and tissue, or double incision/inverted-T for larger amounts of extra skin and breast tissue. The best option for you will depend on your unique physical condition as well as your personal goals. Incision patterns and methods of breast reduction will vary from patient to patient. Excision of breast tissue, fat, and skin is performed to reduce the size of the breasts. Often, Dr. Hunsicker reconstructs the nipple and/or reduces the areola to create a smaller, more masculine-looking nipple-areolar complex. This is sometimes done as part of the initial breast reduction, and sometimes as a revisionary procedure completed after the initial surgical site has healed.

Prior to your female to male top surgery, you will have a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hunsicker. As a specialist in gender reassignment top surgeries, Dr. Hunsicker is able to determine which method will be best for your specific situation. She understands female to male top surgery is a big decision for her patients and goes above and beyond to ensure they are fully comfortable moving forward with surgery and have all their questions answered.

Dr. Hunsicker’s experience performing this surgery allows her to provide patients with remarkably natural-looking results. You will experience some bruising and swelling after your surgery, but as the skin heals, you will begin noticing the final results of your procedure. Dr. Hunsicker’s patients experience life-changing benefits after their female to male top surgery, feeling more confident and comfortable with their bodies.

What Happens to Your Nipples During Top Surgery?

During female-to-male top surgery, the surgeon may resize and reposition the nipples and areolas to look more proportionate to the masculine form. Still, the goal is to modify cosmetic appearance while also preserving as much tissue sensation as possible. During your consultation, you can expect your doctor to discuss how they will address your nipples and nipple sensation.

What is the Youngest Age You Can get Top Surgery?

In the state of Colorado, a patient may have top surgery as early as age 15 with parental consent. At the age of 18, a patient may seek top surgery under their own authority.

Is FTM Surgery Reversible?

The results of female-to-male top surgery may be addressed at a later time by performing the opposite type of procedure. In this case, the opposite procedure is to enlarge the breasts via breast implants. This may be possible but that does not mean it is easy. The plastic surgeon may need to begin with tissue expanders to create space within the chest wall for the breast implants. The degree to which the breasts may be enlarged may also be limited. Due to the permanence of tissue changes that are involved in female-to-male top surgery, it is imperative that you approach this change with immense consideration for the intended long-term effects and what it would take to reverse them.

Is FTM Surgery a Major Surgery?

Top surgery procedures to masculinize or feminize the chest are considered major surgery because the procedure alters normal physical anatomy. That said, the female-to-male top surgery is very similar to mastectomy surgery, with techniques focusing on the careful removal of fatty and glandular breast tissue. Using precise techniques, your surgeon will make every effort to reduce the risks of surgical complications while simultaneously maximizing your cosmetic outcome.

Do You Need Gender Dysphoria to get Female-to-Male Top Surgery?

States may vary in their requirements for gender transition procedures. Usually, it is necessary to engage in a process that includes hormone therapy and specific psychotherapy to confirm readiness for physical transition. Gender dysphoria, the distress of misalignment with your birth gender, is one aspect of several that may be used to determine your surgical readiness.

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Since she began practicing medicine in 1995, plastic surgeon Dr. Hunsicker has helped many people to attain the bodies they desire. To learn more about female to male top surgery, please call 720.283.2500 or submit an online contact form to our office. We look forward to serving you.

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