Why Women Are Choosing Smaller Implants

There is one question every woman considering breast augmentation must answer: “What size implants do I want?” Whereas in the past, women have traditionally chosen large and prominent implants—there has been a recent shift as women are increasingly choosing smaller and more anatomically-shaped implants. Women who come to Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics are most commonly hoping to achieve a more natural appearance and are opting for a more subtle approach to breast augmentation.

Just like a larger implant, a smaller implant offers a step up in your breast size. A sort-of middle ground, women love that they are able to add some volume while still maintaining a breast size natural to their body’s proportions. As Dr. Lisa Hunsicker puts it, “Women should only look as augmented as they want, meaning: if they want it to be undetectable that they’ve had breast enhancement, I can help them have that look. Or, if they want a more youthful, more-augmented look, that’s great, too. The outcome should be personalized to the individual.”

More Cohesive with a Woman’s Lifestyle

Leading active lifestyles, women do not want their breasts to interfere with their everyday physical activities. Large breasts can restrict even the most basic of motions. Women convey that they do not want their breasts to feel heavy—fearing that their breasts may “weigh them down” or make them look fuller-figured than they are.

Choosing a more moderately-sized implant, women are able to enjoy the benefit of a fuller bust without running the risk that their new breasts will inhibit them from physical tasks and exercises.

Replacing What They Once Had

More and more, women are coming to Dr. Hunsicker in hopes of regaining their youthful bosom.  Age, weight loss, and pregnancy can all take a toll on a woman’s breasts. Breastfeeding, in particular, can affect the breasts. Cleverly put, women often hope to “refill back what their children ate”. Restoring this loss of volume is the most commonly articulated goal from patients who come to Revalla Plastic Surgery for breast augmentation. Patients aren’t trying to be something new or different—they are trying to be their confident selves again.

Breast Implants In More Natural Shapes

There are more implant shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from than ever before. This makes it more likely that there will be an implant which will perfectly fit your body and breast dimensions—allowing for a more natural shape, size, and breast slope. This wide array of choices gives Dr. Hunsicker more tools to select from, ensuring you receive the beautiful outcome you’re hoping for, with increased volume in all the right places.

Enhance Your Figure at Revalla

With a smaller implant, you are able to enhance your natural curves while maintaining a well-balanced physique. Ultimately, the goal of your breast augmentation with Dr. Hunsicker is to give you a bust line that you are confident, comfortable, and happy with.

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