The Benefits of Oncology Aesthetics

Cancer affects the entire body. Depending on the type of cancer and the treatment course, oncology patients often suffer from various skin problems. In addition to being Revalla’s medical aesthetician, Ruth Ann Roth is proud to be certified as an Oncology Aesthetician. A relatively new field of skin care, oncology aesthetics recognizes the particular challenges that cancer patients face.

Harsh cancer treatments can be damaging to your skin, leaving your skin more delicate than ever. For many, the skin becomes dry, inflamed, red, itchy, and extremely sensitive. In addition, cancer therapies can cause hair loss and changes to the finger and toe nails. Understanding how to safely and effectively care for your skin is paramount to your skin’s health and your overall wellbeing.

Taking the time to familiarize herself with your diagnosis, therapies, and symptoms, Ruth Ann will develop a skin care treatment specific to your needs. Your specially created plan can help prevent, relieve, and protect your skin from common symptoms of cancer therapies such as compromised skin function, dehydration, and mild inflammation.

While undergoing treatment, your skin may respond differently to commonly used products. Many products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. The same holds true for aesthetic procedures. Many men and women come to Revalla unsure as to what they are and aren’t able to use and do. Utilizing her vast knowledge, Ruth Ann can help identify what products and treatments are safe for you.

What is Treatable?

  • Skin that appears sallow, ashy, and gray-like
  • Areas of dryness, roughness, and tightness
  • Premature aging and elasticity loss
  • Clogged and congested pores
  • Dead skin cell build up
  • Acne that develops due to chemo

“The right skin care plan can serve as a great source of comfort—it’s a healing and rejuvenating act that offers the patient an element of control, at a time when so much of their world is out of control.” –Ruth Ann Roth, Certified Oncology Aesthetician

A Safe, Comfortable, & Relaxing Experience

Cancer is tasking on both the body and the psyche. At Revalla, we believe that the care you receive is just as important as the treatment itself. Along with Ruth Ann, our caring staff hopes to create a comfortable environment where you feel both relaxed and safe. You can rest assured knowing that you are in expert hands.

Ruth Ann is grateful for the men and women she works with. She says, “It’s a blessing for me to get to help patients in this way… I’m honored to be part of their care.”

At Revalla, we understand that for many cancer patients, their physical and emotional well-being are intrinsically connected. We would love to assist you. Are you battling cancer? Is a loved one struggling with the side effects of their cancer treatment? Please schedule a consultation with Ruth Ann Roth to learn more about Oncology Aesthetics and the options that may be available.

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