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Breast Reconstruction Denver

Renew Your Figure with the Right Type of Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast Reconstruction Denver If you have had a mastectomy, or have suffered any type of injury that has damaged the breast tissue, you may be a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Hunsicker uses several specialized techniques to ensure optimal results and can discuss the different types of breast reconstruction procedures during your consultation. You can start learning about breast reconstruction options as soon as you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Hunsicker will work with you and your doctor to determine what type of procedure is best for you based on your age, anatomy, tissue structure, and overall health.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Techniques

The five main types of breast reconstruction techniques are:
  • Direct-to-implant reconstruction: This procedure involves getting breast implants at the same time as the mastectomy so that the patient can get the results they want right after surgery.
  • Staged reconstruction: Dr. Hunsicker can place a tissue expander in the breast for the placement of permanent saline implants at a later date.
  • Muscle flaps: Muscle flaps from other parts of the body, such as the back or abdomen, can be used to recreate a breast mound at the time of the mastectomy.
  • Fat transfer reconstruction: This breast reconstruction method involves using your own body fat to create a breast mound, and is usually performed after healing from the mastectomy is complete.
  • Nipple reconstruction: This is a secondary surgery performed after breast reconstruction to recreate the original appearance of the patient’s breasts by restoring a natural look.

Getting Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Hunsicker will work with your general surgeon and doctor to create a breast reconstruction treatment plan that is most appropriate for you. This may be at the time you have the mastectomy, or after the healing process is complete. You may have several options for the procedure based on your body, tissue, age, and health condition. You can ask any questions you have about the procedure during your consultation and learn about any expenses you may be responsible for outside of insurance coverage. Breast reconstruction surgery can be life-changing and offers many benefits to patients who have had a mastectomy and survived breast cancer. Find out if you are a candidate for this procedure by scheduling your breast reconstruction consultation with Dr. Hunsicker today!

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