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Patients May Use Own Fat for Natural Breast Augmentation Injections

denver breast fat injectionsLiposuction and breast augmentation injections have recently become more popular, due in part to the highly complementary effect of these procedures. The slim contours of liposuctioned areas and the enhanced lines of the augmented breasts accent one another. As reported in the The New York Times, this specific procedure is becoming more popular. The use of naturally removed fat for breast augmentation has long been controversial, but in recent years the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reversed its position. Though 20 years ago they were against the procedure, the ASPS is now willing to fully endorse its practice in the hands of a qualified surgeon.

Advanced Techniques Improve Breast Augmentation Injections

This dramatic reversal by the ASPS is due in part to the advent of new technology and techniques for the process itself. This breast augmentation injection process involves harvesting, purification and injection of the removed fat. Common harvesting areas via liposuction include the thighs, abdomen, neck and buttocks. The harvested fat is then purified via a specialized process to create the most stable injectable product. Once the fat has been processed, it is reinjected into the breasts using a method very similar to that of buttocks augmentation injections or facial fat transfer injections. However, this portion of the process requires considerable skill on the part of the surgeon, as proper placement of the new fat cells is crucial to their long-term survival and an even result. Patients who have had the procedure particularly appreciate the speed of the results and the minimal downtime following the injections. The minimally invasive nature of this method of breast augmentation is another plus. Yet the biggest advantage of this method for patients seems to be the lack of synthetic materials. In the words of Sarah, a patient with natural breast augmentation injections, “I love that it’s just mine, my own fat. I didn’t have to put anything foreign in my body.”

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