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With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month fully underway, many female patients are taking matters into their own hands and becoming very proactive about breast cancer, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation. With so many factors contributing to a woman’s health, breast cancer is one health concern that effects so many of us. Highly qualified and board-certified plastic surgeons will offer a variety of breast reconstruction options, including Direct-to-Implant, Staged Reconstruction (tissue expander to implant), Fat Transfer, and Nipple Reconstruction. And the more years offering these options the better. Studies have shown that a surgeon’s experience and volume with the lowest complications is imperative to achieve optimal breast reconstruction results. As one of the few plastic surgeons offering a variety of breast surgery options in the Denver area, our clinical volume and vast experience with breast reconstruction is right in line with such studies. The Correlation Between Breast Reconstruction and Breast Augmentation Experience plays a big factor in breast reconstruction, but an even bigger factor is the artistic ability to build and create a balanced and proportionately aesthetic contour that meets each individual need. The aptitude that comes with accomplishing elegantly refined chests for breast cancer patients that have lost that definition translates directly over into breast augmentation. Designed to increase fullness, projection, balance, and enhance your self-image and self-confidence, breast augmentation should be a personalized procedure from consultation through to recovery, providing exceptional results with little to no hiccups. If you are considering breast augmentation, and want more information on our customized breast surgery plan find out more below.

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