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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair has become a popular procedure for those who have pulled-down earlobes, long earlobes, or a torn earlobe. If you have slits in your earlobes from dangling or heavy jewelry pulling down over the years, you may be a candidate for earlobe repair with Dr. Hunsicker. She can perform earlobe repair, so you don’t feel like you need to hide your ears. Earlobe repair can help with the following:
  • Repairing tears, lacerations, or clefts in the ears
  • Lifting earlobes that appear to be pulled down, stretched, or hang low
  • Repairing large holes, or previously gauged ears

How We Perform Earlobe Repair

You will have an initial consultation with Dr. Hunsicker to discuss the most appropriate technique for your earlobe repair surgery. On the day of your surgery, Dr. Hunsicker will perform your in-office procedure using local anesthesia. Most torn earlobes can be effectively and safely corrected using delicate surgical repair techniques. After planning and marking, you will have a lidocaine numbing solution injected into your earlobe. In order to rebuild the earlobe, the healed and scarred areas of the tear are removed and fine suture threads are used to stitch the ear. This will support the repair and minimize scarring.


The doctor performs small incisions on each side of the split earlobe, creating a clean edge. The earlobe is then stitched back together.
After your earlobe surgery, some discomfort can be expected. Small amounts of antibiotic ointment are applied at home for a few days ensuring cleanliness, but there is usually no downtime.
The recovery process varies, so follow Dr. Hunsicker’s specific instructions regarding the post-operative routine. Restrictions commonly include no earrings for 3 months post-operatively. Stitches are removed on Day 4 on the front of the earlobe, and on Day 7 in the back of the earlobe.

Learn More About Earlobe Repair Surgery in South Denver

Earlobe repair is a simple procedure at our South Denver plastic surgery office. Dr. Hunsicker would be happy to discuss the benefits of this surgery with you. Contact us online or call 720-283-2500 to schedule a consultation at Revalla Plastic Surgery in the Denver area.

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