Breasts From A to D: An Infographic

August 7, 2012

When considering whether or not to undergo a procedure knowing the facts associated with the procedure is important. Consider the statistics recently posted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). According to the post, before the high tech solutions of today, women would use a variety of materials to augment their chests. Today, […]

mommy makeover procedure increasing

Mothers, Men Seeking More Plastic Surgery

July 31, 2012

Diverse patient groups are turning to cosmetic surgery with more frequency, including those who take advantage of health credit lines, women who have finished having children, and men and women looking for a competitive workplace edge. In addition to these increases in the US, these trends are developing worldwide as well. The number of cosmetic […]

natural fat breast augmentation

Patients May Use Own Fat for Natural Breast Augmentation Injections

July 20, 2012

Liposuction and breast augmentation injections have recently become more popular, due in part to the highly complementary effect of these procedures. The slim contours of liposuctioned areas and the enhanced lines of the augmented breasts accent one another. As reported in the The New York Times, this specific procedure is becoming more popular. The use […]

FAQ: Healing After Breast Augmentation

July 12, 2012

Healing after breast augmentation takes time, and your plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions for your recovery. The following FAQ will give you a general idea of what you may experience. How Will My Breasts Feel After Surgery? For a few weeks after surgery, you will probably have soreness and swelling. You might also […]

When Should Breast Implants Be Replaced?

July 5, 2012

“Breast implants are not lifetime devices,” the FDA stated in 2011. Yet, there is no way to know exactly when or if you will need to replace your implants after breast augmentation. Dr. Stephen Li, who has served on three FDA panels that reviewed implant safety, told the New York Times in 2008 that manufacturers’ […]

brooke burke breast augmentation

New In-Home Visualizer Endorsed by Brooke Burke-Charvet

June 28, 2012

Television personality Brooke Burke-Charvet has begun promoting a new tool for those considering breast implants. This information was recently reported in a press release through the media outlet PR Newswire. This tool, known as the New You Visualizer, is part of a new overall campaign that is designed to give women more information and control […]

cosmetic procedures before wedding

Perfect Timing of Cosmetic Procedures for Your Wedding

June 19, 2012

For this year’s weddings, whether you are the bride, groom, or just another guest, make sure that your cosmetic procedures are properly timed for the best effect. A list of some of these guidelines was recently released in infographic form at Whether it’s the biggest day of your life, or just another wedding in […]

Teens, Children Heal More Quickly Following Surgeries Like Male Breast Reduction

June 6, 2012

As recently reported in a Skin & Allergy News article, teenagers who undergo cosmetic surgery have greatly improved recovery periods and healing rates. In addition, it was also determined that patients under the age of 18 have cosmetic surgery procedures at a more even break across genders. While over 90% of adult cosmetic procedures are […]

Botox and Brow Lifts May Offer Migraine Relief

May 28, 2012

A new report on The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch details the potential of Botox Cosmetic and the brow lift and facelift procedures to treat migraines. These procedures are often used to treat facial wrinkles of varying severity. This information was released in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, and announced the incredible success rate for […]

Fat Grafting With BRAVA is New Breast Augmentation Alternative

May 21, 2012

A new study from the Miami Breast Center shows that fat grafting breast augmentation is becoming a viable alternative to breast implants. The study was discussed in detail in a recent Medical Daily article. Though fat grafting is a popular procedure in facial fillers and buttocks augmentation, it has not been considered a viable breast […]

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