Aging Gracefully, Part II

Last month, we talked about the benefits of aging prevention and refining your body’s contours in your thirties. For part two of our series on the best cosmetic procedures and treatments to help you age gracefully, we will be focusing on those fantastic forties.

Say Goodbye to the First Forty Years

They say that life begins at forty, so your appearance should say the same, right? Unfortunately, by the time you hit 40, facial lines and wrinkles start getting a little more aggressive than they were 10 years ago. The skin around the eyes, forehead, and mouth are often the first to show their age.

Injectables and Fillers

When it comes to fighting these earlier lines and wrinkles, non-surgical botulinum toxins and dermal fillers are popular weapons of choice for men and women in their forties. Whether it’s crow’s feet, scowl lines or forehead wrinkles that are bugging you, a non-surgical treatment like Botox can do the trick without any need for surgery quite yet. A dermal filler like Radiesse, Juvéderm or Voluma can help restore volume to your face to achieve the youthful facial contours of your past.

Might It Be Time for Facial Surgery?

If other, more serious signs of aging like loose skin or sagging jowls, have begun in your forties, you may consider a more invasive procedure, such as a facelift; however, that may not be necessary just yet. With new non-surgical facial treatments likeSublime Skin Contouring or Sublative Wrinkle Reduction, you may be able to achieve skin-tightening results to improve the appearance of skin laxity or deepening wrinkles without having to go through surgery or recovery time.

A person’s forties are often a busy period in life with balancing family and a career. This means that a procedure that can have you in and out in less than an hour is an ideal option. Laser treatments are becoming more advanced in the improvement of redness, age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Get Back Into Shape

By the time you’re 40 years old, your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. There’s a good chance that you’ve started developing problem areas where the fat just won’t go away, despite your best efforts in the gym and in the dining room. Stubborn deposits of fat begin to accumulate in the form of love handles, a muffin top, a double chin, and much more. When diet and exercise isn’t enough, you may consider a body contouring procedure, such as Vaser Liposelection, to flatten those difficult bulges.

If you are a mother who is unhappy with your post-pregnancy body, your forties are a great time for a mommy makeover. That loose skin around your abdomen and sagging, deflated breasts can leave you feeling like a stranger in your own body. With procedures, such as a tummy tuck,breast augmentation and labiaplasty, you can restore your body to what it was before children. Since your kids are now older, you will have more time to do a little something for yourself, with the perfect little team to help during your recovery after surgery.

Keep On Taking Good Care of Your Skin!

We talked about how important proper skin care is for your thirties, but this doesn’t stop once you hit your forties! In order to maintain healthy skin, you need to take proper care of it throughout life. Maintain a strong skin care regimen using pharmaceutical grade skincare products, and apply moisturizer and sunscreen daily to protect your skin.

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