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Treating Vaginal Atrophy with MonaLisa Touch®

Every year, the Oscar gift bag makes headlines—all our favorite stars get one and we want one too! Packed full of decadence, past bags have included stays at some of the worlds most luxurious destinations, jewelry, and the latest in beauty products. While this years’ bag was much of the same, one item in particular stuck out to Dr. Hunsicker and our team at
Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, the Elvie. Coined “your most personal trainer,” the inclusion of the pelvic floor exercise tracker reflects a growing trend—namely, that women are more engaged than ever in taking charge of the vulvar and vaginal health.

Hello HydraFacial MD®, Goodbye Winter Skin


As we well know here in Littleton, plunging temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy complexion. Winter is the opportune time to give your skin a little extra TLC with a HydraFacial MD treatment at Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics. HydraFacial MD’s multi-step approach merges revitalizing and calming therapies into one gentle skin resurfacing treatment—all while delivering a welcome dose of hydration. (more…)

Prepare Yourself for Your Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a well-deserved reprieve from your daily ‘mommy activities’. That being said, we recognize that being a mom is a full time obligation and leaves you with little time to devote to yourself. As you embark on your
Mommy Makeover journey, we encourage you to make and dedicate time to preparing yourself, your family, and your home. Allowing yourself to focus on the process enables successful results.

Now Trending: Labiaplasty


Women have long struggled with the annoyance of an enlarged labia. Once a taboo topic—as of late, labiaplasty has become far more commonplace. Exemplifying this, in 2015, labiaplasty saw a 16 percent increase over 2014. Perhaps more telling, in the same year, the number of labiaplasty procedures performed nearly doubled with teenage girls.

Perfect Skin with The Perfect Peel

Along with Dr. Hunsicker, we, at
Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, are believers in the truly transformative qualities of chemical peels. The Perfect Peel is no exception. Providing one with younger, healthier looking skin, The Perfect Peel is specially designed to work deep below the skin’s surface to improve a number of skin conditions. By brightening the skin, The Perfect Peel is able to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation to improve the overall tone and texture of your complexion. Stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, The Perfect Peel defies age as it helps to refine and soften fine lines and wrinkles while also tightening the skin.

Why Women Are Choosing Smaller Implants

There is one question every woman considering breast augmentation must answer: “What size implants do I want?” Whereas in the past, women have traditionally chosen large and prominent implants—there has been a recent shift as women are increasingly choosing smaller and more anatomically-shaped implants. Women who come to
Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics are most commonly hoping to achieve a more natural appearance and are opting for a more subtle approach to breast augmentation. (more…)

The Benefits of Oncology Aesthetics

Cancer affects the entire body. Depending on the type of cancer and the treatment course, oncology patients often suffer from various skin problems. In addition to being Revalla’s medical aesthetician,
Ruth Ann Roth is proud to be certified as an Oncology Aesthetician. A relatively new field of skin care, oncology aesthetics recognizes the particular challenges that cancer patients face. (more…)

Thrive with MonaLisa Touch

As is, breast cancer is emotionally and physically taxing. At Revalla Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, we understand that even as a survivor, there are daily reminders of your battle with breast cancer. Lingering symptoms can be tough on you and your body, and can take a toll on your well-being and self-esteem. (more…)

Professional Skin Care: Why Your Skin Is Worth it

The importance of proper skin care cannot be denied. Women and men alike turn to skin care both for preventative and restorative qualities. At Revalla, many of our patients inquire about our lines of professional skin care—are they better? Are they worth spending the extra money? To both of these, we say yes. Why, you might ask. Simply put, professional skin care products are more effective and deliver better results. (more…)

Botox: 5 Myths Not To Believe

Botox continues to be one of the most sought after procedures. Patients come to Revalla wanting a refreshed and wrinkle free complexion. With the help of Botox, Dr. Hunsicker can reduce the unsightliness of fine facial lines. Proving its popularity, in 2013 alone, 6.3 million Botox injectable treatments were performed. An ever-popular treatment, Botox tends to get a bad rep. Here, we debunk 5 commonly believed myths. (more…)

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